Blogging Update

Hello there.

Yes, I haven’t posted here in a while. But to make it up to you, I’m going to show you a picture from my drone.

This is a canal in New Orleans. My older son had a soccer game right next to this, so during warm-ups I did a little bit of photography. Actually, these are really weird. You are on ground level and you see a big long hill (there really aren’t many hills in New Orleans). When you walk up the “hill” you see water that could be at a higher level than the ground.

Yes, it’s not a hill. It’s a levee.

It’s definitely odd.

Now for some other random updates.

  • I have been busy as usual. I picked up a couple of freelance posts for a UK magazine. In the edits, all my “meters” were changed to “metres”. I thought that was fun.
  • Blogging on WIRED went pretty well this week. I had two posts – one on a rough estimation of the amount of carbon dioxide capture from planting trees. The other was an estimation of Death Star pieces on the surface of a planet.
  • Another thing I have been working on: making better youtube videos. I have made some modest gains, but I still need more work.
  • I was thinking about doing a youtube live stream event, but I’m afraid no one would show up.
  • Finally, my oldest daughter moved to Japan. I’m glad she made it there.

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