Let’s talk about carbon dioxide

OK. Here’s the deal. I have lots of emails about my recent post. The post was a back of the envelope type estimation to see what would happen to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere if everyone planted a tree.

It’s just a rough approximation. Here’s the post.


Basically, I estimated the size of a typical tree and then figured out how much carbon dioxide you would need to make that tree. After that, I estimated the number of particles per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide.

Here’s the code for my calculations – https://trinket.io/glowscript/f7edb65694

Now for the rest of this. Lot’s of people have sent me comments. If you want to talk about this – here is your chance. Comment on this post. Another option: comment on twitter. Here is a good thread.

If you email me, there’s a good chance I won’t reply. These two options are your best bet.

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