Physics Explained: Video Update

I don’t know if you have been paying attention, but I started a second youtube channel. My idea was to split my videos. Right now, I have MacGyver stuff and science demos on my “Rhett Allain” channel—but I will move all the physics calculations to a new channel. Yes, the new channel is called Physics Explained.

Basically, Physics Explained is going to start off as the content portion of an algebra-based physics course. Actually, I will use these videos this summer during my “remote learning” physics course. You can think of this as a video version of a textbook that I would write.

Right now, I have enough for the first semester of physics. I will probably add more, but it’s good enough. Also, I changed my channel name—that means some of the older videos say “Just Enough Physics”. I’ll probably go back and redo these.

If you want to go through the first semester, here is “chapter 1” as a playlist.

Here are some of my favorite videos from that group of content.

Yes, I like to include numerical calculations with python—it’s what I do.

Now, I have started to work on the second semester of physics—you know, electric fields and magnetic fields and stuff.

My goal is to get up to 1000 subscribers—if you are interested, just hit that subscribe button.

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