MacGyver Season 4 Episode 7 Science Notes: Mac + Desi + Riley + Aubrey

Honest commentary. I figured this would just be a “filler” episode with just a little side action. NO. This episode was great. Now for some science.

Bra Wire—Nickel Titanium

MacGyver uses Desi’s bra underwire to short out a fuse box. That’s cool and everything, but what’s really great is the nickel titanium wire—also known as memory wire. Here, check this out.

Yes, some bra’s have this kind of wire (also called nitinol) for the underwire.

DIY Periscope

MacGyver needs to find out what’s going on in another room by looking through an air vent. He uses a bathroom rail to mount two mirrors (oh, with gum as glue) to build a periscope.

Here’s how to build one yourself.

Lithium Battery Fire Bomb

OK, it’s not really a bomb it just starts a fire. MacGyver needs a distraction. So, he punctures a lithium-ion battery and then covers it with chocolate. When the chocolate melts, the battery is exposed to air. This is where the bad stuff happens. Don’t puncture your phone battery. Check this out.

Ping Pong Ball Flash Bang

It’s a ping pong ball with butane (from a lighter)—it would probably go boom. Don’t do this.

Cooking Spray Fire

Yup. Many cooking sprays are inflammable (which means it can catch on fire). Oh, you think it should be flammable if it can catch on fire? Surprise, those two words mean the same thing.

On top of that, when you get really small particles of stuff the surface area to volume ratio is huge. That means that there is a lot of the material that can interact with oxygen in the air—this makes it burn.

In fact, you can even make flour “explode”.

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