The Five Best Lightsaber Fights in Star Wars

The great thing about having a personal blog is that I can write about whatever makes me happy. Today, it’s Star Wars.

Actually, this was a question that my older son asked. What are the best lightsaber battles? I love these questions—they don’t really have just one answer so you can argue over who is right with no real winner.

Let’s get to it. If you don’t agree with this list—I’m ready for your complaints.

5: Darth Maul & Savage Opress vs Darth Sidious (The Clone Wars)

Just to be clear, this is from the Clone Wars animated series. This is my son’s favorite (he’s a huge Clone Wars fan). It’s pretty cool because it shows how powerful Sidious can be when he wants. Also, bonus points for the Dark Saber.

Double bonus, here is my son’s reenactment of this battle. Brace yourself.

4: Luke vs. Darth Vader (Episode V The Empire Strikes Back)

Yes, it’s true that this fight isn’t as dynamic as those in the prequels or the Clone Wars. I get that. Also, it’s possible that I just like this one because I’m older and this battle was so epic when it came out. But you have to admit that the cinematic quality here is awesome. Love it.

3: Qui Gon and Obi Wan vs. Darth Maul (Episode 1: The Phantom Menace)

This could be in the top five just because of the music. It’s also the first time we see how crazy a real lightsaber can get. I mean, before this all we saw was old men, half robot, and young mostly untrained warriors.

Also, it’s got a nice two vs. one AND a double light saber.

2: Obi Wan vs. Darth Vader (Episode IV A New Hope)

OK, this might not count. This is a fan-made redo of the battle between Darth Vader and Obi Wan on the Death Star. I guess it’s not canon in the Star Wars universe—but I can’t help myself. If this was how it originally happened, I would put this at number 1.

Oh, I was watching Episode IV the other day. When it came to the Vader vs. Obi Wan fight, I paused the movie and switched to youtube to watch this version.

1: Obi Wan vs. Darth Maul (Rebels)

You might not like Star Wars Rebels—I get that. It’s sort of like a combination of Aladdin and Star Wars. However, there are some really great parts in this show. When Darth Maul finds Obi Wan and tries to kill him—this is just the best. It’s not about the light saber action, but it’s still just the best.

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