MacGyver Season 2 Episode 18 Science Notes: Riley + Airplane

Carpet body restraint

There’s really not too much to explain here. MacGyver rolls a guy up in a carpet and uses that to keep him in place. Seems like this should work.

Reminder—even though there’s not any great science to talk about here, I love these kinds of hacks.

Pick a lock with an antenna

MacGyver pulls a metal antenna off a motorcycle and then uses it to pick the lock on the same motorcycle. Oh, this is a police motorcycle—he uses it to turn on the siren.

Is this possible? Possible, yes. Normally you need two things to pick a lock—something to move the lock pins and something to provide torque. Theoretically, you could do it with one—but it would be tough.

Radiator fire extinguisher

There’s a car on fire and they need to get something out of it. MacGyver improvises a DIY fire extinguisher by using the cooling system of another car. He grabs a pipe and then pokes a hole in the radiator. When the engine is revved up, the coolant shoots out through the pipe and onto the burning car.

Again, the theory here is solid. You could probably even get the coolant to shoot fairly far. However, it would take a significant amount of coolant to put out a fire.

Statue battering ram

This one is good. MacGyver and Jack take a marble statue and support it from some rope and stuff such that it can swing. Then they swing this statue into a door. Boom—battering ram.

Hacking airplane wifi

OK, not hacking to get free wifi but using the wifi to control the whole plane. That’s what Riley does as she is stuck on a plane with a virus. Is this even possible?

Sadly, this might be true. Check this out.

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