Picking up trash

There was this very nice lady in our neighborhood.  She would take it upon herself to pick up trash along the main road next to the subdivision.  Super nice lady.

Well, she moved.  She moved to live with her kids (she was older).  So, as a way of respecting her service I went on amazon and ordered a pair of those stick grabber things.  Now it would be my duty to keep that road clean.

The first time I picked up trash, my oldest daughter volunteered to go with me.  There was a BUNCH of stuff.  Crazy stuff.  I think we filled up three trash bags for about a mile of road.

Cigarette butts are all over the place.  Styrofoam cups, beer bottles, vodka bottles, and other various things (some of which I shouldn’t mention).  It was hot and buggy.

But in the end, we finished.  The road looked better.  The next day, I saw a cup. WHAT THE HECK???? I just cleaned up (we just cleaned up) and there already was a stupid cup on the side of the road.  Who does this?

So now, I go about once a week.  I pick up trash.  It’s hot – but I really like it.  It’s like one of those chores that you oddly enjoy.  It’s like vacuuming the floor and it looks all neat afterwards.  Or mowing the lawn, or cleaning the bathroom.  I sort of like these jobs that clearly make a difference.  On top of that, picking up trash is about more than just me – it’s a sort of community service.

Oh, and I get some exercise too.  To summarize: don’t pick up trash on the road – it becomes addicting.

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